IBIS Ltd (Integrated Banking Information Systems)

For more than 14 years, Intergrated Banking Information Systems Ltd (IBIS Ltd) has been creating a sustainable competitive advantage for its customers. We provide advanced support services covering all of our products - banking and insurance enterprise solutions - and spanning all phases of your IBIS solution lifecycle.

Our Mission

We strive to provide leading-edge software solutions for both large national and smaller financial institutions. Our objective is to deliver the powerful combination of flexible tools, comprehensive solutions and advanced technology for successful implementation of your development strategy.

Our Advantages

  • We offer the full range of financial technologies which enable our customers to provide their clients with high-quality services using full-featured front-office systems with a single-window and single sign-on interface.
  • Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with any external system, using SOA principles if necessary.
  • To help our customers grow their businesses, we deliver well-developed customer services and guarantee quick response to customer needs and changes in regulatory compliance demands.
  • Our powerful intellectual resources, efficient research and development system and the team of inhouse experts ensure high quality of the developed solutions and successful implementation of every single project. These advantages also enable our long-term projects to have remarkably long life-cycles; some of these projects have already been operating in the banking industry for more than 15 years.
  • Our customer service policy is all about individual approach and maintaining strong, lasting relationships with our customers.
  • Our customers can always contact us with any questions regarding operation of the system on our multi-channel hotline.
  • Our company;'s training center provides instruction to all kinds of banking specialists, from tellers to system administrators.