Data Warehouses and Analytical Processing Systems

VICONT © IBIS 1995-2012 // This integrated database for multi-branch banks has been developed in Delphi and can be used in conjunction with Sybase and Microsoft production databases.

Aggregating data from all lower-level databases at the regional level (or higher), VICONT provides tools for generating necessary reports at each hierarchy level and efficiently backs up data stored by the subordinate branches. VICONT also ensures replication of data from all units, including non-accounting branches, and supports decision-making activities. The data from the lower hierarchy levels undergo validation consisting of the following checks:

  • whether total debits and credits are given;
  • whether total debits and credits for payment documents match those for account entries
  • whether account balances have been transferred correctly, i.e. whether data is consistent.

With VICONT, you can generate both consolidated and analytical reports on the bank's customers, current accounts, documents and transactions for any time period.

To extract data from VICONT, a specific application is required.

In addition, VICONT application suite includes an application server, which minimizes the number of required Sybase concurrent user licences (three concurrent users for Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0 (12.5)). (***)

VICONT Tax Return © IBIS 1997-2012 VICONT Tax Return subsystem is designed to build a full range of tax reports for a legal entity, bank's head office or bank branch, and comply with different rules regarding financial and tax reports. The system also implements VAT report generation. (Adaptive Server Enterprise ASE v. 12.5 licence type N/SR)

Other subsystems such as Anfisa © IBIS 1999-1012 and Omega © IBIS 1997-2012, which compute income and VAT data for tax reports at the branch level, can be attached to VICONT Tax Return.

Production warehouse and analytical processing systems. Support package includes implementation and data cleaning. Our products have been implemented at: Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Alfa-Bank (Moscow), Akbank (Istanbul).