Software for Insurance

Consolidated Insurance Studio Database (IStudio) © IBIS 2003-2012, copyright certificate #16034 issued on 3/21/2006, is a software suite that offers advanced tools for successful sales of insurance products through the Web and provides for efficient interaction with agents and branches of insurance companies. Keeping all data in a single database, IStudio allows to create and service insurance contracts for multiple insurance firms. The suite also includes special features to enable registering insurance contracts for insurance firm middlemen. Each company is assigned its own selection of insurance products, its own agents and middlemen, which can be individuals or legal entities.

This front office system introduces new business opportunities such as:

  • allows sales representatives to quickly assess potential borrowers ("built-in underwriting"), execute contracts and save the relevant customer and contract data to database.
  • implements uniform standards for underwriting, rates and document forms;
  • automates the procedure of contract negotiation for non-standard and above-limit contracts;
  • ensures transparency of all business transactions;
  • given a computer with a web browser and Internet connection, provides access to sales instruments from anywhere in the Ukraine. By opening the way to the quick start and conquer of the small-town market, this feature offers a real commercial opportunity.

IStudio does not require any non-standard equipment and is relied upon by such insurance companies as Etalon and Credo Classic. What makes IStudio special is its tools for setting up any insurance product without modifying the software source code; complete automation of insurance contract processing, automatic calculation of all temporary, strategical and cost parameters; decision-making mechanism based on bank statement data, visualization and usability. The templates for output forms and files are easily customized, which allows a company to manage reconfiguration by the efforts of staff technologists.