Core Banking Systems: IRBIS and ISAOD Bank


IRBIS Core Banking System © IBIS 1998-2012 IRBIS is an integrated distributed intelligent system that addresses enterprise resource planning in financial institutions by managing human resources. Since January 2009, IRBIS also provides a full-fledged banking automation system and a portal for integrating with foreign banking systems. The latter implements data exchange with various payment systems and ensures compliance with the national accounting and reporting standards. IRBIS is compatible with any commercial RDBMS; at the moment, versions for Oracle and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise are in commercial use. The modular structure of IRBIS allows for gradual, module by module implementation.


ISAOD Bank © IBIS 1995-2009 is a banking automation software built on dbVista database and certified by the National Bank of Ukraine (certificates # SEP0 No 0005, SEP1 No 004). Modified to comply with the international accounting standards, ISAOD Bank software delivers the tool package for generating statistical, tax and VAT reports which meet the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine.

For interaction with the System of Electronic Payments of the National Bank of Ukraine (SEP NBU), interaction models 0 - 6 are supported.

In 2007, ISAOD underwent significant upgrades which resulted in the critical parameters - such as maximum size and number of processed files - being increased substantially, with performance remaining unchanged. Due to these upgrades, ISAOD can be successfully and sustainably implemented in global banks such as Raiffeisen Bank Aval.