Systems Design and Development

To deliver best possible solutions, we design and develop information systems in strict accordance with the technical specifications approved by the customer. In fact, it is the process of reviewing and approving technical specifications that defines the future of a project.

Presented with clearly defined business goals and plans for business development, IBIS specialists join efforts with the Customer and easily set the key requirements to the information technologies which are to become tools for achieving these goals.

IBIS has its own standards for determining the necessary and sufficient list of specifications and metrics to be applied to the system under development; and also its own procedures for checking the system's compliance with the technical requirements.

Our business process analysts are our core strength; they find solutions to the most complicated issues in methological plans, e.g. help to modify routines for daily calculation of interests or effective interest rate.

Both upgrade and development of software systems are charged at stable rates based on the cost of material and human resources. Thus, the cost of your project directly depends on the lead time and the amount of human resources involved.

Our approach to systems design and development has proven successful. Over the last two years more than 30 projects have been designed and implemented for Raiffeisen Bank Aval and more than 10 solutions have been completed for Erste Bank, including the large integrated front-end solution which was delivered in two versions: with and without a limitation on the number of simultaneous users (CLending, no more than 500).